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The Nickname ANMAN – Andy Mansfield

Photo of Andy Mansfield - Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of Milwaukee Brewers baseball

ANMAN Design offers a complete range of creative design services in marketing communications, advertising, graphic design, illustration, package design, web design and much more. ANMAN Design works directly with individual clients, and has the flexibility to partner with select freelancers, photographers, writers, web developers and video producers, etc. as part of a team.

With over 25 years of experience, I have worked for dozens of companies and agencies large and small in a variety of industries. As part of many great teams, I have acquired knowledge from many marketing and agency "All-Stars". My past experiences give me unique insight to create innovative solutions and reach your target audiences. ANMAN's priorities include creating solutions that best meet your business objectives, continuous learning, keeping current with technology, and getting the job done right.

How I came up with the name "ANMAN Design" —

It was a nickname a former co-worker gave me long ago, it's an acronym for Andy Mansfield, "An" from Andy and "Man" from Mansfield. So there you have it.

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